Client Testimonials
  Clients & Testimonials
  Some of our clients who trust us for their sevices include:
  "What made the deal happen was our ability to use REI wise to quickly create a marketing proposal for the Seller. A seller who insisted at our initial meeting was "absolutely" not going to list the property the professional presentation enabled us to overcome his hesitancy."
Adam P. Von Romer, CCIM
Senior Investment Associate
Fitzgerald Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL
  "REI Wise PowerBroker was of great benefit in helping me sell this property. REI Wise provides that competitive edge by laying all of the important factors and indicators in an easy to read format. When an investor receives an information packet that was created using REI Wise software, they do not have to bother themselves with running the property through their own analysis."
Chris Cervelli, CCIM
Michael Cervelli Real Estate LLC
Jersey City, NJ
  "The ease of use to quickly put a proposal together in less than 1 hour is by far one of the best features I've found. Clients have commented time and time again, on how much easier it is to get thru the information they care about most rather than all the extra fluff that really doesn't help a broker win business - 'as sometimes less is better'."
Shawn Park
Senior Associate
Lomita, CA
  "I am using the REI Wise PowerBroker investment analysis platform for marketing this listing, because of the outstanding presentation package along with detailed investments analysis. The all inclusive marketing tools REI Wise offers provide a great way to market and control listings."
John Schneider
Real Estate Broker
Intero Commercial
Rock Springs, WY
  "REI Wise help me get the listing as well as secure the buyers on the deal with the analysis. I also used the virtual deal room which both parties loved. REI Wise gave me the tools to market, manage, and close the transaction. REI Wise is the best hands down..."
Anthony D. Clayton
Commercial Director
Century 21 King Commercial
Southern CA
  "REI WISE is a very valuable tool for our business model. Our client was so impressed with our service that, using REI Wise, we won another assignment."
Annie Pearl
Managing Director
KW Commercial - Pearl RE Group
Tampa, FL
  "I used REI Wise to generate the marketing materials used to sell the property. All necessary financial data were included for potential buyers and brokers in a clear and concise format. The REI Wise PowerBroker platform helped buyer significantly shorten the due diligence period."
Hubert King, CCIM, CPM®
Broker Manager
Treeline Realty & Investment Inc.
Pasadena, CA
  "Because REI Wise efficiently portrays an abundance of property details, our presentation process was streamlined. Most products are simply fliers with numbers and pictures; REI Wise tells the complete story in an organized fashion."
Kevin Rocio
Real Estate Advisor
Roc Realty Group | @Properties - Chicago, IL
Windsor, Ontario
  More Testimonials
  "I am a current REI Wise subscriber, using primarily the Commercial Lease Analysis. While creating my lease comparison presentations, I found the key financials extremely helpful in presenting the overall costs and benefits of individual leases; however, the presentation reports were static using “useable square footage” while my business and clients demand value indicators based on “rentable square footage.” Contacting REI Wise, I explained my situation and a desired development to the existing platform. The customer service team was extremely responsive, ensuring they understood my needs and how the development is integral to my business. REI Wise then made a specific development within a very short period of time, making the platform more flexible by allowing users to choose “RSF Only.” I was amazed at the flexibility and response time to my desired development. It really is great when you have a solid product coupled with excellent service."
- Gary McArdell, Lee & Associates, Newport Beach, CA
  "I purchased a subscription to REI Wise Commercial online and have been very pleased with the product. It is much more user-friendly and easier to use than other products such as Argus and PlanEASe®. From the day I purchased the subscription, I was able to analyze several properties and immediately get the full value of the product. The investment proposals produced by the software have been critical to presenting and closing deals. There is nothing on the market, that I am aware of, that compares to your investment proposals. Customer service has always been first rate; knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend your product."
- Karl Landreneau, CCIM 2007 President Louisiana Chapter, NAI Latter and Blum, Baton Rouge, LA
  "I have been using the REI Wise online platform to the fullest extent and am very impressed with your service. I work with high net worth investors who receive a barrage of investment opportunities on a daily basis. REI Wise MarketEdge provides me with a significant competitive advantage over other brokers by providing hard financial information to clients in a concise format via the internet. The platform is very easy to use and quickly produces an excellent financial analysis"
- Patrick Hutchinson, KW Commercial, Cornelius, NC
  "I purchased my REI Wise Commercial subscription last year and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product. Mostly, the commercial properties I deal with are in the 1 to 5 million dollar range and your product has proved extremely effective. REI Wise investment proposals are the best I have seen and it is so easy to create a professional presentation. Great product that I strongly recommend."
- Cornelius ‘Case’ H. Reimus, Grubb & Ellis | Paramount, Grand Rapids, MI
  "I purchased your online commercial investment analysis tool and have been very pleased with your product. Not only has the product been very easy to use, it has been very effective in consulting with my clients. I have walked several clients through "what if" scenarios online and your software presents the analysis in a way my clients can easily understand. Your product also produces the best investment proposals I have seen from investment analysis software. Highly recommended!"
- Jackson Cooper, CCIM, SIOR, Senior Advisor, Sperry Van Ness, Boise, ID
  "Recently, I have had the opportunity to use your online commercial lease analysis platform and wanted to tell you what an excellent product you have. Previously I used the Treesoft/Argus product and your software outperforms it across the board. I find it significantly easier to use and more intuitive. It provides critical flexibility such as entering staggered lease start dates. And the presentation materials that the platform produces are the best I have seen. As Treesoft does not produce presentation materials, I spent hours cutting and pasting the results to produce a professional document. With REI Wise, I click one button and get a phenomenal package. I am also using your MarketEdge product with the commercial lease analysis and I have to tell you that I have never seen anything like it on the market. Great product!"
- Brad Jubin, President/Owner, Coldwell Banker Commercial Terra Firma, Peachtree City, GA
  "I have been using REI Wise Commercial online for the past year and have been very pleased with the product. It is an excellent tool for me in running my business. With the system I now have the ability to put together financial analysis and professional marketing packages within a short period of time. Being a web based system it allows me to customize the marketing packages to meet the needs of all my clients. In a nut shell, the system provides me a quick and easy way to compete professionally at any level in the commercial real estate business. Lastly, the customer service has always been very responsive and necessary changes have been made quickly. I highly recommend your product to other RE/MAX commercial brokers and agents."
- Ed Breslin, RE/MAX Commercial, Los Angeles, CA
  "Because REI Wise efficiently portrays an abundance of property details, our presentation process was streamlined. Most products are simply fliers with numbers and pictures, REI Wise tells the complete story in organized fashion. The REI Wise platform has also garnered me praise from other professionals in commercial real estate. Here is what my lender had to say - 'I see a lot of Offering Memorandums from a lot of you and I must tell you that Kevin Rocio puts together one of the most detailed OM’s I’ve ever seen. He makes my job as a Lender easier.'"
- Kevin Rocio, Roc Realty Group | @Properties, Chicago, IL
  "I registered for REI Wise with a deadline proposal for a property purchase looming only two days away. Within hours I was able to learn the platform, perform high level analytics, integrate the analysis into a professional presentation, and even create a website reflecting all of my findings. The Buyer was very impressed with the REI Wise analytics and we contracted for a $5.5 million property. I am pretty certain we will get it. In addition, the Buyer asked me to find additional properties like this. I could NOT have done this without my REI Wise program. The investment proposals and websites produced by the software have put me in a much better position to win new business and close more deals. I recommend REI Wise to any commercial broker that wishes to use the best tools to save time and money while producing the best presentation. It surpasses anything out there."
- Al Martin, CCIM, Martin Commercial Properties, Austin, TX
  "REI Wise is the best Leasing Analysis product on the market! I have been using REI Wise consistently to produce high level lease analysis and professional presentations. I recently won a national tenant representation assignment and it was in large part due to the quality of materials I presented on a site tour. I could not have done it without REI Wise!"
- Chris Lee, CCIM, Equity Retail Brokers, Conshohocken, PA
  "I have been a commercial broker for over twenty four years and have evaluated dozens of real estate investment programs. REI Wise products are superior to all others I have reviewed. REI Wise was vital on several client presentations I have made. Not only is the product very easy to use, REI Wise proposals and reports are exceptionally professional, clear and concise. They also have first rate customer service and were able to answer all my questions in a timely manner. Highly recommended."
- Jay Friedman, Vice President, Block and Company, Kansas City, MO
  "REI Wise has the best product for my Tenant Rep business. Your online platform provides the most flexible and functional analysis I have found in a lease analysis tool. It is extremely easy to make adjustments in all inputs with your menu selection. For example I can adjust, expenses, increases, TI’s, Taxes, make midterm adjustments and immediately see the results. And the presentations I create are quick and have the information that I need. Thanks again for new changes. Your product saved me boatloads of time!"
- Kyle Lundy, Brinkman Partners, Fort Collins, CO
  "REI Wise Commercial is the best product I have found for commercial brokers. Any professional involved in investment analysis of commercial and multi-family properties will greatly benefit from your product. Compared to other products, REI Wise really stands out. For example, I purchased Planease, but only used it a couple of times because it was so difficult to use. Then I lost the dongle… they told me I would have to pay $3,000.00 again for the product I already purchased. I also have a copy of Argus Edge, but never use it. Your product is so much easier to use and effective than other products. And the presentation materials are the best on the market – bar none. I highly recommend REI Wise products."
- Randy McMillan, President/Owner, NAI 1st Valley, Las Cruces, NM
  "I recently registered to use my REI Wise subscription and I am very impressed with the product. Within two hours I was able to master the platform and produce an investment presentation that was key to earning a nice consulting fee. I am sure other commercial real estate practitioners will find the product invaluable to being more productive and profitable."
- Joseph Larkin, CCIM Instructor, President, Larkin Commercial Properties, Inc., Albany, NY
  "Thank you for your good support in understanding this product. As a CCIM and SIOR I am regularly analyzing data for both potential listings and for clients looking for investment opportunities. Your software is wonderfully simple to use and the reports are well presented and detailed. Comparing it to other software packages highlights the ease of use for users of REI Wise and the quality of the reporting, not to mention the availability of support for the rare questions. I can analyze multi-million dollar, multi-tenant, investment properties in under 20 minutes. Clients will be very impressed with the reports produced. There is no doubt in my mind that it will pay for itself in month-one just in time saved."
- Katherine Williams Kane, CCIM, SIOR, The Kane Company, Portsmouth, NH
  "I recently started using your financial analysis platform and have had excellent results. I recently sealed a leasing deal with a new client that initially was going with a different large brokerage firm. The presentation I made with your software blew away the competition and was critical to getting the new business. That one deal has now generated two more deals and the REI Wise software has helped tremendously in building this new business."
- Bruce Lucas, KW Commercial, Upper Marlboro, MD