Why REI Wise
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  Why Use REI Wise Real Estate Investment Software?
  REI Wise software is designed to make it easy for customers to make money buying and selling real estate. Most real estate investment analysis software is based on Excel-type spreadsheets, so it has very limited analysis, marketing and proposal writing potential. In addition to being cumbersome and difficult to use, most real estate investment software for sale online produces results that look crude and amateurish. REI Wise offers the only alternative for professional, effective and complete marketing materials.

REI Wise analysis software is built from the ground up, by financial software design specialists. All of the investment and marketing software we sell is designed to analyze real estate investments from purchase to resale, a cycle which can stretch over a period of many years. We offer software solutions for use by professional real estate brokers, agents lenders, appraisers, advisers, consultants involved in multifamily and commercial investments.
  Real Estate Investment Software is designed for Brokers, Developers, Investors, and Lenders. It can be used to produce comprehensive marketing materials, brochures, and proposals and investment analysis. It is ideal for working with clients to determine and model investment realities and risks. The software is designed to quickly and accurately analyze commercial real estate investments. Produce brochures, proposals, and marketing materials for investment analysis. Calculate and project investment values, returns, net present value, IRR, MIRR, and key financial indicators. Lease by lease analysis with projections, reports, and charts. REI Wise Commercial also includes a development module and a lease vs. buy module
  REI Wise products generate the best marketing material in the real estate business, because professional documentation is essential for every part of the investment process. Whether you’re a part time investor or a full time real estate investing professional, you can use our critical analysis tools to create dynamic proposals that are crucial to closing your next deal or securing financing. Investors can get a handle on their proposals with 20 year projections, interactive sensitivity analysis, and true pro forma reports. These tools are essential for making sure a project is worth doing, and then presenting investment information to lenders, brokers, and partners. REI Wise software, for example, can create over 16,000 different types of proposals, giving an average investor the power to present custom information for a variety of clients.
  REI Wise Online Software
  REI Wise Online Software is perfect for consultants and investment professionals, and can be integrated seamlessly into websites. For reporting, this software can put your company logo on all reports generated during financial modeling. This software gives your clients an excellent financial analysis of any income property, helping them realize the investment potential of real estate.

Because software capabilities and computer operating systems change on a regular basis, REI Wise also has an internet based subscription software that is always up to date and can be accessed anywhere. Real estate professionals like to use our subscription software because they can meet with clients worldwide and bring up accurate and up to date information from our secure servers. Because there is no software to install, you never have to worry about losing your data to a virus or spyware. With REI Wise real estate investment subscription software, all of the backups and information storage are handled by us, so you never have to worry about information loss due to computer failures, fires, or natural disasters.

Real estate investment is competitive enough without having to worry about unprofessional paperwork and software tools that don’t deliver powerful results. When you use REI Wise software, you are using the most advanced software in the niche real estate financial analysis market.